Giffard West Cup Cocktail Competition 2022

The Giffard West Cup Cocktail Competition - What You Need to Know and How to Enter 

Giffard West Cup 2022 - 3Two1 Drinks

The Giffard West Cup Cocktail Competition, held by the industry-leading, fifth-generation family-owned French liqueur company Giffard, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. 

Every two years, Giffard Liqueurs gather bartenders from 17 nations around the globe (and growing) to participate in the Giffard West Cup in France's Loire Valley. 

Global finalists competing in France will be selected through regional contests in 17 nations around the globe. 

The Giffard West Cup Cocktail Competition is the world's largest competition of its kind, with bartenders from around the globe competing in regional contests through to the end of July 2022. 

The event was created in 1997 by Giffard Liqueurs to raise the bar on cocktail competitions and is now a global competition that will mark its 25th anniversary this year. 

History of The Giffard West Cup Cocktail Competition.

3Two1 Drinks Giffard Menthe-Pastille

The Giffard West Cup commenced in 1997 as a small local competition in Angers, France, on the west coast, focusing on community and camaraderie as the Giffard family's key goals. 

The number of countries taking part has more than doubled since 1997, and there are now 17. In 2019 around 800 bartenders applied to compete in the competition. After the recent two years of relative isolation, a very passionate turnout is expected this year in each participating nation. 

The Giffard West Cup celebrates the art of cocktail mixing by bringing national winners to the historic Giffard Distillery, founded by the Giffard family in 1885, to compete against other national winners in a live mixing competition. Participants worldwide are challenged to create drinks based on a specific theme. 

The Grand Finalists will advance to compete against each other in the final round, where one last cocktail must be made to decide the fate of the Giffard West Cup World Champion 2022. 


What the - Matteo Mosetti Giffard Brand Ambassador, has to say.  

I opted to attend the GWC because I knew it was a significant competition that may provide me international visibility if I won,' Matteo Mosetti (@matteo_giffard_drinks) said of his experience a competitor in the contest.  

The Giffard family and team were there at every step of the way to support and guide the competitors. It was an excellent chance to demonstrate my worth to the globe and broaden my horizons in bartending on a global scale.' 

Giffard Brand Abassador Matteo Mosetti

The competition was a chance for the competitors to learn from Giffard's master distiller, Michel Giffard. 

'The competition was an amazing experience for me,' Mosetti said. 'It allowed me to meet and collaborate with some of the best bartenders in the world. I also learned a lot about the company, its history, and its products.' The Giffard family has been in business since 1885, when they began distilling liqueurs in Paris. Today, the distillery is owned and run by the same family that started it more than 135 years ago. 

The company produces nearly 100 different liqueurs and syrups. Bars around the globe have adopted their famous Menthe Pastille.  


2022 Theme: Giffard Cocktail Competition "Listen to the Flavours". 

Giffard Distributor Australia

Candidates will be required to develop a cocktail inspired by music with Giffard liqueurs and must relate to a song that inspires them behind the bar. Giffard thinks that this theme permeates the universal work of bartenders, and this is in keeping with the Giffard family's traditional belief in the dynamic and robust Link between mixology and art — an idea created by Emile Giffard in 1885. So this year, Giffard encourages us to turn up the noise, clink our glasses and 'Listen to the Flavours'. 

2022 Giffard Cocktail Competition RULES -  


Create a drink inspired by music - Liqueurs Matter! A minimum of half of your cocktail's alcohol content must come from Giffard liqueurs, available at 3Two1 Drinks. 

  • Listen to the Flavours: Creating a cocktail inspired by the music of your choice. 
  • Giffard Liqueurs Matter: Giffard liqueurs have to represent at least 50% of the total alcoholic volume of your cocktail. 
  • Keep it old school: Method must be easily replicated by our judges. 
  • Be Original: If a cocktail is thought to have plagiarized a known, existing cocktail, it will be disqualified. 
  • Two is better: Your cocktail may include more than one Giffard liqueur or syrup, and an extra bonus will be attributed to the cocktails using more 3Two1 Drinks products. 
  • Don't complicate things: No custom ingredients allowed, e.g., syrups, tinctures, or homemade bitters; ingredients must be available commercially. 
  • Sometimes one is better than two: Competitors may only submit ONE recipe, and, yes, we'll have to disqualify you if you submit two. 
  • If it's not listed here: See 3Two1 Giffard Products, then you can't use it; Giffard ingredients used in cocktails must be available in AUSTRALIA. 
  • (No other competitor brands of syrups or liqueurs should be used. Homemade liqueurs and syrups are forbidden. Other homemade ingredients are allowed if the Giffard range does not provide flavour.  
  • If a Giffard syrup is not available in your market, you can use another product for the local selection without mentioning the brand and using a non-branded bottle. The Giffard one for the finale will replace this product. Only individual ingredients that are milk or fat washed and foams are allowed, not the whole drink.
  • Keep Garnishes Edible: Garnishes must be edible but may be mounted on sticks, skewers, forks, or standard bar accessories. Use edible fruits, herbs, leaves, and spices, including sprigs, peels, barks, fruit shells, etc. Any flowers and petals used must be of an edible variety. 
  • Stay Classy: Drink names, including rude, lurid, sexual words or words associated with narcotics, are prohibited. 
  • Competitors must be above 18 years old. 

The 3Two1 Drinks management will choose the national finalists from March to June, and these individuals will be invited to the Australian Finals, which will be held in Perth in June 2022. This year's grand final will be held from September 25 to 28 at Emile Giffard's 1890 first distillery, now the Angers School of Fine Arts' new home. 

The national winners will have the opportunity to mix their cocktails in front of a live audience and a panel of international judges at the Grand Final.  

The theme of the second round will be announced closer to the Second Round. But for now, we can tell that they will be challenged to produce a delectable drink that contains Giffard's founding liqueur, their Menthe-Pastille, without which Giffard would not exist. 

All finalists of this year's competition will highlight their skills as guest bartenders as they take over the Giffard booth at Whisky Live Paris 2022

Whisky Live was launched in 2004 and is the most prominent event in Europe dedicated to whisky and fine spirits. Attracting exhibitors and people from all around the world. 

Although there will be a prize for each round, the Winner of the 2022 Giffard West Cup will be determined to have the most significant combined score from both rounds. 

The grand prize is a trip to three bars in the country of the Winner's choice, where they can choose from a list of Giffard's suggested stops. 

Judging Criteria 

The judges will evaluate cocktail submissions based on the following aspects of the cocktail: 

  • Expression of Giffard - Liqueur Matters 
  • Link to the Theme - "Listen to the Flavor" 
  • Originality 
  • Taste 
  • Appearance 
  • Cocktail Name 
  • Your Cocktail 

 The following nations will also take part in the selection process: 


Australia - Click the 3Two1Drinks Link to enter 

Asia Pacific -chat with your local importer  

Japan - Chat with your local importer 


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C.Z. Republic 



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