Tales of La Dama Organic Tequila

The greatest source of inspiration for La Dama is found in the natural world. They regard their surroundings as the ideal setting for our ideas to shape. The wind's sounds, smell, and tranquilly elevated handmade creations to fine art. You will be taken on a journey by their hands, the earth's textures and flavours, and a free, untethered experience. This is how La Dama tells her stories.

Rather than trying to be the best, they want to be the best at inspiring you. So instead of pointing the route, La Dama encourages you to discover your own. That's what La Dama is aiming for, and they are doing it by fusing history with experimentation to arouse your inner artist.

At one time, the Chichimecas, an expert hunting and gathering culture were in charge of Los Altos's La Dama Organic Tequila, and they were responsible for producing many important cultural developments, including Agave drinks. The concept that the female gender was the most important aspect of society in the Chichimeca nation was based on the fact that it was the only one capable of bringing and preserving life.

The foundation of their entire social structure was based on this belief. The first agave-derived goods were created because of this paradigm and their incredible capacity to change the substances they were given—all of life's necessities — from food to clothing to the sacred soul itself.

La Dama Organic Tequila Revolution

 Tales of La Dama Organic Tequila

La Dama is the world's largest producer of sustainable blue Agave. There has never before been a Tequila like La Dama. Mexican ancestors' revolutionary ideas, sustainable nature vision, superior agricultural methods, and ritualistic features of their production processes are reflected in modern agricultural and production practices.

La Dama is the most prominent advocate for social sustainability and fair trade in the tequila sector. Our industry's workers in Los Altos are always being improved and monitored for their health, education, and living situations. Agave is abundant in Los Altos, yet this fruitful location has only benefitted international firms, making it a double-edged sword.

The same people owe the community much social and environmental debt due to their decades-long land and water contamination. They risk not having the circumstances or resources to build a long-term future as our sector wanders far away from its fundamental practices. The reason La Dama Tequila is igniting a fire under Tequila's reputation.

The reason La Dama Tequila is creating a revolution.

  Tales of La Dama Organic Tequila

A revolution is not just about sustainability but also encourages organic ingredients and environmentally-conscious production methods in La Dama tequila making. La Dama is the world's first organic Tequila and the first to be produced in Los Altos. It was founded by a Mexican family with deep roots in this region and produced in Los Altos for over 75 years.

La Dama's Tequila is made from 100% organically grown blue Agave from Los Altos, the highest quality agave available in Mexico. The land where this blue Agave is grown has been certified as an organic farm since 2010. La Dama Tequila also uses no chemicals or pesticides during its production process, making it one of only a few tequilas to be completely free of additives or preservatives.

La Dama is certified by the USDA Organic and has been awarded the Eco-Certificate by the Mexican National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. The Tequila is still distilled using a traditional copper pot to maintain its unique character and quality.

La Dama's mission is to return Tequila to its original roots while creating a sustainable future for the agave farmers of Los Altos. Furthermore, it aims to preserve its culture and heritage while promoting it responsibly as a premium product. By creating La Dama Tequila, Agavera Family hopes that it will help restore the world's respect for this noble spirit.

"I have been working since I was 10 in the Agave fields, and since then, I have seen the same reality repeat itself over and over again. The environmental consequences for animals and plants with the conventional farming system are terrible, and the Tequila industry doesn't seem to care about a fair distribution of the profits that add up to billions of dollars a year in a land where workers barely have enough to survive." Don Juan Maestro Agavero

Origins of La Dama Organic Tequila

To create La Dama, the Galindo and Kovar families teamed up with the Perez family, the largest sustainable Agave growing family in Los Altos, the creators of Sierra Madre Occidental's award-winning "Proyecto Nebulosa."

 Tales of La Dama Organic Tequila

As a result, the world's first eco-friendly tequila firm was born. In the past two years, La Dama's residents have come together to form a lively, multigenerational community of people from all over Mexico and the world. Yet, it's still true that a large portion of our roots lies in biological sciences, agriculture, history and social activity.

Chichimecas, an excellent hunting-gathering tribe with a deep awareness of natural cycles, governed our agave region in Los Altos, where they created the first Agave spirits and other cultural advances. Many thousands of years ago, in the Chichimeca nation, it was believed that the female gender had a fundamental role in society because it was the only one capable of creating and maintaining life.

The foundation of their entire social structure was based on this belief. A variety of goods produced from Agave, including everything from food to clothing to sacramental spirits, have been influenced by this paradigm. Because men dominate the tequila industry, they felt it was vital to honour women by including the word "La Dama" in our name. Therefore, our social initiatives and activities aggressively encourage them to join our agave industry and accomplish any dreams.

They are committed to preserving the agave plant, part of their history and culture. The family strongly believe that without it, they can't have Tequila. So working hard to make sure they only use the finest Agave globally and our environmentally friendly processes.

The family is a tequila producer and an organisation that offers a unique experience to its customers. They are working hard to bring new concepts, trends and social improvements into our industry to offer something different from other companies. They hope to inspire others to get involved with these causes and others.

Juan and the team at La Dama Organic Tequila

 Tales of La Dama Organic Tequila

One of La Dama's goals is to restore Agave's original sense of community. It is a lovely and hard society in Mexico. This Tequila is made with the help of individuals in Mexico who are not treated fairly despite this being the country's most asset.

As tequila companies' earnings skyrocketed, they were the only ones to see a decrease in their financial situation. When Don Juan, our Maestro Agavero, was ten years old, he began working in agricultural-related labour. Around 1000 people have learned how to work Agave naturally from him over a lifetime of perseverance and affection.

We want the world to know about Don Juan and the people he has helped through La Dama. That their workers may work for love and tradition, not for necessity, is what La Dama wants to leave behind in their legacy for the families that work with them. "We work together, we dream together, grow together." Don Juan says.

Don Juan Maestro Agavero with his family at La Dama.

Don Juan's story is just one of many stories that have been lost to time. Yet, we have captured it through his own words and taught for a lifetime. We have captured these stories through pictures, videos, and interviews.

There has been a documentary about Don Juan and the people he has helped through La Dama. It is approximately an hour long and will be in Spanish with English subtitles when available on our website.

The documentary will be available for free if you contribute $10 or more to this campaign! Using the hashtags #LaDamaProject #TequilaIsForEveryone #TequilaMadeWithLove you can also get a copy of the documentary for free by sharing our campaign on social media!

La Dama Farming Sustainabily

A common belief in indigenous tribes like the Wirarikas of Nayarit and Jalisco is that agricultural enterprises were established to help the next generation. Other indigenous groups in central Mexico perfected the milpa system, which allows endemic crops to grow side by side in the same place while protecting them from pests and providing superior nutrition. In areas where they coexisted, the chichimecas mastered the art of foraging without disrupting the delicate equilibrium.

All of pre-Hispanic Mexico's kingdoms and realms had a sense of duty to love and respect Nature while drawing their sustenance from and coexisting with it. There is a simple explanation for this. The natural elements served as the foundation for all of their religious beliefs. These young Mexicans, who represent a new generation of Mexicans, recognise the validity of these ideas and are motivated to safeguard our environment for future generations.

 Tales of La Dama Organic Tequila

La Dama has invested half a decade in studying and developing its agricultural methods based on our ancestors' practices. As a result, they have become the biggest tequila company in sustainable agave farming.

But just because they're organic doesn't mean they're La Dama. They can do and what Nature means to us is a brief description here. La Dama continues to push the envelope because the organic certificates fail to consider many things to safeguard the environment and the communities they serve. As a result, a new set of norms for how businesses, communities, and Nature interact is pushed for our industry.

The La Dama Revolution begins with Nature.

Some things cannot be disputed. For example, there is only one earth, global warming, and the tequila industry has been a major source of pollution. We know how delicate the balance is when working with Agaves for decades. However, a new Mexican generation has vowed to be the first to address the environmental concerns that this business causes, and we intend to do just that.

There will be no deceptions or omissions. It's safe to say, however, that La Dama's biochemists and farmers can now guarantee that every time you buy a bottle of their wine, the following will happen:

  • 4 square meters of soil are preserved for the next generation; protected from erosion, ammonia or salts 500 cubic meters of water from their underground reserves are saved from chemical contamination
  • At least 100 species of endemic flora, insects, mammals, and birds will be saved from chemical toxicity during the agaves used to make your bottle.
  • 1 Agave paper recycled book is donated to a kid in the Altos region.
  • 2 Hours of Science and Arts workshops are granted to a kid in our after school educational programs.
  • 12 humans will be saved from exposure to chemicals or residual elements during the Agave's 8-year lifespan.

Alberto RAMÍREZ Bio Chemist - La Dama

"We have to change our ideology diametrically, starting first with our habits and second, which I consider more important: Culture. For years, the only thing that has mattered to the big Tequila companies has been immediate profit regardless of the damage to ecosystems and the risk it implies for the health of workers and consumers of Tequila. We have to look back to learn. If you lose history, the present, you lose the future."

Production of La Dama Organic Tequila

La Dama holds a strong belief in the worth of the intangible. Therefore, they recognise and appreciate our predecessors' usage of true and original recipes when interacting with agave spirits.

They can achieve the most authentic and natural results since they make their Tequila in tiny quantities in antique brick ovens with wild endemic yeast. In addition, La Dama, a tiny community-owned distillery in Tototlan, the country of the birds, ensures that the most pleasing and most sustainable Agave in the world is cared for properly.

COOKING: Mansory Ovens

GRINDING: Traditional Mill

FERMENTATION: 72 hours of fermentation with Bagasse

DISTILLATION: Double Distillation

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Altos De Jaliscó, Tototlan

TASTING NOTES: Aroma of fresh Agave, the complexity of citrus and sweet vanilla notes with a long finish.

 Tales of La Dama Organic Tequila


  • Double Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
  • Gold Medal – International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017
  • Best In Show – London Wine Fair 2017
  • Best New World Spirit – Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2016
  • Double Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016
  • Silver Medal -San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015
  • Best New World Spirit – Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2015
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015
  • Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014
  • Silver Medal - International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2012
  • Silver Medal – International Wine & Spirit Competition 2012
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011
  • Silver Medal – International Wine & Spirit Competition 2011
  • Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010
  • Silver medal - International Wine & Spirit competition 2010
  • Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2009
  • Silver medal - International Wine & Spirit competition 2009
  • Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2008
  • Silver Medal - International Wine & Spirit Competition 2008
  • Silver Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007
  • Best in Class - Beverage Testing Institute 2007
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2006
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2005
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2004
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2003
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2002
  • Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2001

La Dama Consumer Education

Martin Kovar (world-renowned mixologist) and Marcos Galindo (third-generation agavero producer) spearhead worldwide to raise awareness of the agavero business's critical concerns.

Their participation is an important first step in their campaign to protect the delicate equilibrium between the Tequila industry's business practices and the world's most prominent forums, such as the 2019 Bar Convent Berlin Convention.

Additionally, the duo has created educational forums for their peers in the bar and restaurant business to raise awareness. The Disruptive Cocktail, a web series produced by La Dama, debuted this year. The two have a slew of other initiatives underway on their rapidly expanding social media channels, all aimed at influencing the industry for the better. Music and art events will be promoted by La Dama in the future, with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. Our future generations that are slowly but surely aligning with our Tequila movement are our target audience at La Dama.

La Dama Best Cocktail Recipes

The secret to a great cocktail is always the perfect combination of its ingredients—the best ingredients, perfectly balanced.

Jalisco Negroni

1 Shot La Dama Tequila

3/4 Shot sweet vermouth

3/4 Shot Contratto bitter aged with coffee beans

3 drops Giffard Cacao Bitter

  1. Combine the ingredients in a mixing glass.
  2. Add ice and stir until ingredients are chilled.
  3. Straining over ice into a rock's glass. If "neat", strain into a chilled coupe or cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with an orange and peel

La Dama Tequila: The Story Behind the Bottle

One of Nature's most amazing gifts, the ability to change oneself, is hidden beyond the lid. When we were inspired to capture an icon such as the butterfly, it was because of this gift.

La Dama is inspired to create and transform by transcending reality, taking the elements and transporting them to another plane, to a purer but more complicated state. Can you see past the obvious?

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