Worthy Park Rum-Bar Cream Liqueur.

In the Caribbean, Rum is king. While other countries in the region have their unique traditions, the Caribbean islands are known for rum of distinct types, from thick, molasses-based rums to fruitier profiles such as the Worthy Park Estate rums. 

In Australia, Rum is consumed with a mixer. In countries like Jamaica, aged Jamaican Rum is a full-fledged beverage. As a result, Jamaican Rum is sometimes consumed as Jamaican rum punch, or Jamaican rum cake. 

Rum Cream Liquer

Aged Jamaican Rum is a unique, nuanced drink with a distinctive flavour profile. Aged Jamaican rums could be low or high-proof rums (Jamaican rums are distilled sugar cane juice rather than molasses).  

Worthy Park Estate Jamaican Rums have a unique flavour profile.  

If you are new to Jamaican Rum, you may be wondering what it is and how it is different from other types of Rums. This article will teach you all about Jamaican Rum, from its history to its taste and drinkability. You will also learn which rums are good to make Jamaican-style rum cocktails. 

Worthy Park Rum Cream Liqueur

Worthy Park Rum-Bar Cream Liqueur. 

A Liqueur made with Jamaican Rum - The Caribbean and Latin American versions of the well-known Irish cream liqueurs like Bailey's (Irish Whiskey) are commonly called "cream liqueurs." Several factors distinguish Rum Creams from other cream-based liqueurs, including regional flavours. Each rum cream can morph and differentiate itself through this variance in tropical drinks. 

Rum cream liqueurs can be considered a sub-category of the cream liqueur category, but they are also seen as a separate category. Cream liqueurs can be either sweetened or unsweetened, while rum cream liqueurs are always sweetened. 

The most common ingredients in rum cream liqueurs are milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. However, other ingredients such as eggs, coconut and various spices may be used to alter the flavour of the drink. This can result in alcoholic beverages, such as creamy rum drinks or vodka. 

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Rum-Bar Rum Cream is a thick, silky, and delicious rum cream created with genuine cream, Rum-Bar White Rum, and various spices. They use a copper pot still made by the ancient Forsyth's firm in Scotland for the distillation of all their rums. Drinking it on the rocks, in a cup of coffee, or even on top of a piece of chocolate. 

Appearance – Gold and light cream 

ABV: 15%  

Volume: 700 mL  

Aroma - Rich milk chocolate with hints of vanilla and freshly roasted nuts. 

Tasting Notes: An indulgent treat, Worthy Park gourmet cream liqueur has a long round finish with distinguished Jamaican rum undertones that lingers on the palate.  

A perfect complement to premium espresso coffee drinks or desserts. 

Jamaican Rum's Origins in the Caribbean 

Although Rum was first used in Barbados in the 1620s to describe a rough, alcoholic beverage created from sugar cane juice, the English were the first to begin manufacturing Rum from fermented sugar cane. While the etymology of the word rum is unknown, it is widely accepted that it comes from the English word "rumbullion," which translates to "great turbulence."  

By the end of that century, there were about a dozen rum distilleries on the island.Rum was a necessary export for Barbados until the early 18th century when sugar cane production declined after hurricane damage and disease outbreaks

As a result, rum distilleries were shut down, and many moved to Jamaica, which had been growing sugar cane since 1655 when it was brought from Brazil by Sir Nicholas Lawes. 

By 1720 or so, there were 30 registered rum distilleries in Jamaica. Initially, most of these were minor operations that made a white spirit from fermented molasses and then aged it in wooden barrels until it took on colour and flavour from the wood. However, by 1760, more extensive operations began to emerge that made darker rums by adding colour directly during fermentation rather than waiting for it to develop during barrel ageing.  

The Jamaican sugar and rum industries have had a challenging time in the previous few decades. In some places, cheaper sugar and more efficient distillation methods have reduced the herd size. However, numerous distilleries have had to close their doors due to price support measures enacted by the Jamaican government and related Rum and sugar pool organisations. 

  • Records suggest that Worthy Park distilled Rum as early as 1741, even though the official documents state that the distillery was established a few years later. 
  • Gordon Clarke (now owner of the Worthy Park distillery)'s great grandpa purchased the plant in 1918. He was a professional turnaround expert. 
  • In 1960, the first distillery was shut down. 
  • Worthy Park Estate is the Caribbean's most efficient sugar cane processor. Worthy Park Estate uses nine Tonnes of cane instead of the usual eleven to manufacture one tonne of sugar. 
  • To reflect the rich cultural tradition of rum bars, the Rum Bar brand was created. 

The owners of Worthy Park Estate upgraded their sugar cane farming and processing methods, making it one of the most efficient sugar businesses in the modern Caribbean, while Rum was no longer on the agenda. 

The closure of Worthy Park Estate in 1960 was a significant blow to the Jamaican rum industry. Sugar cane farmers were forced to sell their crops to other distilleries, and the country's name as a rum producer was called into question. As a result, rum production in Jamaica fell from 1.6 million gallons in 1960 to less than 1 million gallons1 million gallons (about 3785410 L) by 1970. 

By the 1980s, however, rum production had risen again. In addition, the closure of several sugar processing facilities and the growth in popularity of "premium" rums led to an increase in demand for Jamaican rums.  

Seeing an opportunity to restart distillation in 2005, Gordon Clarke, a fourth-generation member of the Worthy Park family, decided to take it on. In the early 1990s, Gordon earned an MBA from the University of Florida, and he is a textbook example of efficiency and doing things the correct way. 

Gordon decided to create a brand-new distillery at Worthy Park rather than try and revive the old, out-of-date facility that had last been used in the 1960s, instead opting for the ultra-funky, high-ester pot still rums that rum connoisseurs like me seek. 

Worthy Park Estate Rum-Bar Cream

Worthy Park's first Rum, an overproof rum called Rum Bar, competes with Jamaican overproof rums like Wray & Nephew, Monymusk, and Rum Fire. Construction of the new distillery began in 2005, and Worthy Park's first Rum was released in 2007. Rum Bar Gold, a four-year-old expression of the overproof recipe sitting at 40% ABV  

Worthy Park Estate's rums are distilled in a pot still that has been modified to make it more efficient, allowing it to reach a higher proof with less time in the still. It is a beautiful piece of equipment that we would love to see up close.  

Quality and effectiveness are ingrained in the Worthy Park Estate culture. 

Jamaican Rum continues to be widely regarded as one of the best rums in the world and it is not random.  

The Worthy Park Estate is in the middle of Lluidas Vale. It is surrounded by beautiful and fertile land protected by the surrounding mountains. However, everything begins with vast expanses of sugar cane plantations. 

The sugar cane fields were constructed with great thought to the field's planting and drainage, soil type, and harvesting method. 

As a result of Worthy Park's long history of sugar cane cultivation, the first rum distillery in Jamaica opened its doors in 1741, years before any other distillery on the island had even been built. 

Since its inception in 1968, our on-site sugar factory has consistently been ranked as Jamaica's most efficient sugar factory, which is where we get the molasses, we need to make Rum. 

By 2005, Worthy Park Estate had built a state-of-the-art distillery and was back in the rum industry. Because it is the newest distillery, it was constructed to maximise efficiency while also ensuring the greatest possible quality. 

Everything in the distillation process, from the water used for mixing to the exclusive native yeast grown from their own sugar cane harvest, is tested, and assessed to ensure quality and consistency. 

Traditional Jamaican Pot-Still distillation yields a full-bodied Rum rich in esters and congeners. Forsyth's, the world's leading manufacturer of Pot-Stills from Scotland, 100% copper.  

The pot stills are named after the brand's name, Worthy and Park. 

The first distillation occurs in the Worthy Still, producing up to 2,000 litres of spirit per day. The Park Still is slightly larger and produces up to 3,000 litres per day. Both stills are built in the traditional Scottish style and operate with a steam jacket around the outside of the copper column. 

A continuous freshwater flow is used to cool and condense the vapour that rises from the boiler, ensuring a clean distillate without any flavour impurities or congeners. As a result, they have a clear spirit ready for barrel ageing at this stage. 

Over time a layer of sediment (the "lees") forms on top of each barrel after fermentation. This layer contains proteins and yeast cells that contribute significantly to flavour development during ageing. It also determines how long they can leave the Rum in. 

Following the success of their Rum-Bar Rum, they used that along with natural cream as the main ingredients in them Rum Cream.  

Worthy Park Rum-Bar Cream Liqueur 

The rich, creamy base is balanced by the opulent flavours of the Rum-Bar Rum, giving you a smooth and pleasurable taste whether drinking chilled or on the rocks. It even tastes great in your morning coffee! 

Worthy Park Estate Rum-Bar Cream

Tasting Notes: A luscious blend of high flavoured Jamaican Rum blended with a natural cream. The unique depth of the vegetal notes is complemented beautifully by banana, along with other tropical fruit, which is perfectly balanced and softened with a natural cream, leaving an elegant mouthfeel. 

The Rum Cream is available in 700ml bottles (AUS) – 15% ABV 

Where to buy Rum-Bar Cream Liqueur near me?  

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Rum-Bar Cream Liqueur Cocktails 

Jamaican Hummingbird 



  • 1 splash(es) Milk 
  • 1 splash(es) Grenadine 


Put all ingredients into a blender and add ice. Blend to make a tremendous, delicious milkshake-like drink. 

CREDIT:- Danielle W 

Trap Door 




Layer in a shot glass. 

CREDIT; - Chris Law 

Landslide #3 




Shaken and poured over ice. 

Is it necessary to keep Rumb-Bar Cream Liqueur in the refrigerator? 

Do I need to keep them in the fridge or the freezer? Of course, storage in a cool environment is advised. However, refrigeration is not required for cream liqueurs. Cream liqueur makers appeal to the effective preservation characteristics of alcohol and therefore, refrigeration is not necessary.  

How long can I store my Rum-Bar Cream liqueur? 

If kept in a cool, dark place, your rum cream liqueurs will remain perfectly preserved. However, if you are concerned about your supply running out before you finish them, browse our store ! 

Key Takeaways - Rum-Bar Cream Liqueur 


100% Family-Owned by Jamaicans 

100% Estate-Grown Cane 

100% Pot-Still Distillation 

100% Tropical Aging 

100% Jamaican