#StayHome Cocktail Packs

We've taken the hassle out of making high quality drinks directly from your couch.
These packages have been carefully selected for an easy preparation and we will even send you the tutorial card to guide you whilst making them.
Each of our team members has an average of 10 years experience in bars which we've used to put together inspired cocktail packages that work just as well at home as they do in a fancy bar.


The Peruvian Pisco Passion

$79 (value $105.57)

A delicious blend of hibiscus and passionfruit notes that can be mixed different ways depending on what you feel today.
Pisco, Passionfruit - Lemon - Simple (and versatile) recipes are the best !


The Vitamin Si

$89 (value $101.99)

The base of a classic cocktail made even more  refreshing ! Think berries, tequila and lime. Long summery drinks are great in the garden and better shared (or not).  


The Green Garden Spritz

$99 (value $149.90)

Choose this cocktail care package if you want a  refreshing, green and  floral drink with subtle notes of juniper on the back end. Perfect for the lockdown.