Los Siete Misterios - Arroqueno


Los Siete Misterios - Arroqueno


This mezcal is an icon of Siete Misterios, and over time has become a favorite between the enthusiasts, achieved thanks of the great combination offered by the agave flavors and clay pot distillation that give unique characteristics and it helps to have a sensational balance in nose and palate.

Agave: Arroqueño (Americana Oaxacensis.)

Mezcal Type: Joven 100% Agave

Cooking: Earth oven, using wood and river stones.

Milling: Hand smash in Sabino wood canoes.

Fermentation: Open / Natural in wood vats with wild yeasts and spring water.

Distillation: Double in Clay Pot Still

Region: Sola de Vega, Oaxaca.

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