Los Siete Misterios - Pechuga


Los Siete Misterios - Pechuga


With an anual production of only 500 liters and one unique recipe in each edition, this mezcal celebrates the friendship among Mexicans which prove that no matter what our origins are, if we want to, we can do wonderful things like taking many people in different countries the traditions and heritage of our country.

Agave: Espadín (Angustifolia Haw)

Mezcal Type: Joven 100% Agave

Cooking: Earth oven, using wood and river stones.

Milling: Tahona pulled by horse.

Fermentation: Open / Natural in wood vats with wild yeasts and spring water.

Distillation: Triple in Copper Pot Still

Region: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.

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