Champagne Philipponnat - Grand Blanc (de Blancs )


Champagne Philipponnat - Grand Blanc (de Blancs )


Blended using wines from the finest chalk Chardonnay terroirs in the Champagne region, Grand Blanc stands out as a unique cuvée in Philipponnat’s range of wines, of which Pinot Noir is the signature grape. Although it has intense flavour and a creamy texture, this wine also displays the delicacy and finesse of a great Blanc de Blancs.

Moderately dosed Grand Blanc is always a vintage cuvée and makes a superb aperitif Champagne for special occasions. It is an excellent choice to accompany shellfish.

Blending: 100% Chardonnay

Bottle: 700 ml

Ageing: 36 months minimum.

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Sublime pale golden color with delicate greenish glints. Handsome, fine, long-lasting creamy bubbles, with a regular slow flow.

The nose is a bouquet of flowers in full bloom that invites to a second breath, with white hawthorn and honeysuckle blossoms, rose hips, followed by multicolored roses and peonies further revealing fresh hints of citrus fruit and citronella.
Upon airing, it profile opens slowly to reveal notes of bread, caramel and candied fruit

On the taste we find the same charming aromas as on the nose as we are carried away by this floral magic, perfect harmony between the wine and its “liqueur”. Its long, fragrant finish underlines its wonderful charm.

Food Pairing
To be served with white flesh, oven baked fish or poached Turbot with a “sauce hollandaise”.

Wine Making Process
Blending of four to five vintages, 20% of reserve wine. This Champagne is composed of only the cuvée (first press). Alcoholic fermentation at 16°C and malolactic fermentation at 18°C in stainless steel temperature controlled vats.
Ageing of 30 months minimum. BRUT dosage at 9 gr/l with a «liqueur d’expédition» coming from finished bottles of Champagne.