Los Siete Misterios Mezcal - Barril 750ml

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Sola de Vega has a lot to offer. This agave was named for the resemblance to a barrel once the leaves were cut and it was ready to be cooked in the traditional underground earth ovens. Unlike the other agaves, the Karwinskii Barril has a kind of stem, so it looks more like a tree than an Espadin agave. 

Unlike the Espadin, this agave offers more earthy and herbal tones which is its complete opposite.

Awards: Spirits of Mexico Silver 2012
Mezcal Type: Joven 100% - Karwinskii Agave
Cooking: Earth oven, using wood and river stones
Milling: Hand smashed in Sabino wood canoes
Fermentation: Open/ Natural in wood vats with wild yeast and spring water 
Distillation: Double in Clay Pot Still
Region: Sola de Vega, Oaxaca