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Ron Valdeflores - 8Anos

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Ron Valdeflores 8 year is an agricole- style rhum crafted in the highlands of Oaxaca’s Sierra Madre. Pure Mexican- grown organic sugar cane juice is distilled in handmade pot stills to create a uniquely flavoured spirit that is then matured 8 years in new American oak barrels.

Sight: Attractive color with golden tones and hints of amber. good adherence to the cup and abounding legs.

Nose: With an appealing aromatic abundance and full of character. You percibe notes of fig, hazel nut, almonds, menthol, tobacco, red tea, brown sugar. Fine enhancement in nose, and you can perceive subtle smoky hints.

Mouth: Complex and fragrant finish, carnoso en paladar, honest by confirming its smoky notes and taste to almond, hazel nut, figs, tobacco and also graphite and coffee, with a long lasting yet delicate aftertaste.