Giffard West Cup 24 - Australian Finals

The Australian Finals of the Giffard West Cup 24 was an extraordinary event that showcased the incredible talent and passion of 8 mixologists from across Australia. The atmosphere was electric, filled with excitement and anticipation as competitors battled it out for the prestigious title and a ticket to the finals in Vietnam before flying to the world finals in France. The event was a true celebration of the artistry that goes into creating exceptional cocktails with Giffard liqueurs.

The competitors brought their A-game, pushing the boundaries of mixology and creating innovative and unique drinks that delighted the senses. Each participant demonstrated their expertise and creativity, showcasing their ability to blend flavors and see the liqueur shine through. It was a true testament to the dedication and skill of these mixologists.

Photos 📸 - Anna Postnikova

Giffard West Cup Australian Finalists - Class of '24

Janet Hunter

Bomba Bar (VIC)

Richard Liu

Lost (VIC)

Mycol Cavalieri

Miami Marketta (QLD)

Kyoka Ogawa

Kuro Dining & Bar (NSW)

Sean Walker

Kitsch Bar (WA)

Claire Liegey

Edward & Ida's (WA)

Steven Payne

Maybe Sammy (NSW)