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Pueblo Viejo Tequila - Anejo 700ml

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When we talk about Pueblo Viejo, we talk about years of stories and experiences; we talk about achievements in the production of tequila, because we are always searching for the perfect flavour.
Pueblo Viejo is one of the leading brands of tequila in México: consistently delivering the ideal flavour balance and quality, Pueblo Viejo Tequila is the authentic tequila experience.

The PV Anejo has a soft orange hue that resembles a mild sunset. Through the light is bright and transparent with an amber tone. Medium high bodied.

You can perceive the sweetness of seeds , vanilla and toasted almonds . Other notes as chamomile , ripe orange and peach, are also present.

The sweetness of oak, vanilla, dark chocolate, roasted almonds is appreciated at the palate. The finish of long dried fruit can be tasted.

100% Blue Agave


Alcohol Content: