Pueblo Viejo Tequila - Blanco 700ml

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When we talk about Pueblo Viejo, we talk about years of stories and experiences: we talk about achievements in the production of tequila, because we are always searching for the perfect flavour.
Pueblo Viejo is one of the leading brands of tequila in México: consistently delivering the ideal flavour balance and quality, Pueblo Viejo Tequila is the authentic tequila experience.


The PV Blanco has a clear and bright appearance with a bluish tinge.

As a result of the slow cooking of the agave, it has an aroma of green apple, fruits and citrus notes.

A smooth herbal flavor with The fine citric touches. Palate confirms the caramel flavor of cooked agave and a rich blend of fruit flavors, lightly specious with a very pleasant long lasting end.

100% Blue Agave


Alcohol Content: